Aston Martin and its Indian connection

Aston Martin are yet to hit the Indian roads officially and as of now there aren’t many Indians clamoring for the “Bond” car. But then the company is keen on getting Indian green card status very soon. They have manufactured the limited edition Aston Martin One-77 super sports car and would be start taking bookings from across the world. But then inspite of not getting or even hoping of getting a booking from India, they already have a connection with India. A relatively small time enterprise which is based in Lucknow, Chopra Retec Rubber Products supplies the hanger holding the exhaust pipes of the Aston Martin One-77 super sports car.

It so happened that last year in September, the British sports car maker was having some troubles with the suspension hanger of the then concept Aston Martin One-77 super sports car. An SOS was sent across to the world, of which Chopra Retec Rubber Products responded and were given two weeks of time to send in a prototype for approval from the British company. It is said that only 77 of these sports cars would be made and hence the exclusivity demands that the cars should be of very high quality. The CMD of the company, Kiron Chopra said that the British company was impressed with the way the sample was sent across to them with utmost importance and urgency. Now, the Lucknow based OEM supplier would be one of the primary suppliers for all the future exhaust hanger developments as also be a part in upgrading the current exhaust hangers of production cars from the Aston Martin range.

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