Aston Martin Teases New Vantage V12

“Aston Martin”, the name is quite enough to give in the grim on faces of many other super bugs because this automaker had developed its image in such a way that luxury and performance are studded in its bay equally. Hence if anyone from either of the sides tries to snatch its legs then we think Martin is capable enough to show its true color in the flick of seconds where the opponent would be on its knees. Lest of those charming extravaganza, we think now it is the time that Aston Martin wants to reply the competitive horizon in an ‘exclusive manner’, for which it has released the new teaser video.

Yes, the Aston Martin is teasing a new car in the recently rolled out official video on YouTube which we speculate maybe a new flock to the persuaded brand of Vantage V12 (coupe), or else the immediate rival to ‘Rolls Royce Wraith’. However, the speculations are still on the shaky ground but we think the appearance of bespoken teased model plate to make more of it in the actual scenario.

Aston Martin Teases New V12 Vantage
With dead bonnets, compressed shape, and Nürburgring scorched styling cues, the smallest yet luxurious sports car on earth is just about to come. The golden paint job and contrasting black colored alloys, whilst of the stylish air intakes and use of carbon fiber tremendously, will make addition to the industry’s new standards of car styling. However, we hope the 6.0L V12 to occupy its engine bay but tweaked inclusively for an additional 50-60 amount of bhp.

This newbie “maybe” a limited edition to some of the existing models also, because the striking paintjob and cheering alloys too inclining us towards similar type of ethos.

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