Aston Martin to mark its 100th year in style

Aston Martin, the luxury sports car maker, has turned a century old and in order to make its 100th year more special, the British car maker is planning to mark this through a series of celebration in UK and abroad highlighting the success of the brand.

Boosting its strong product lineup from 99 years, Aston has recently revealed its new Ultimate GT, the Vanquish and new timeless DB9. The new vehicles have received tons of appreciations from the global media and numerous prestigious awards. Aston Martin has also been closely related with the James Bond series and has also played a key role in the recent flick, Skyfall.

Aston Martin to mark its 100th year in style

Centenary launch

On 15th Jan 2013, officially the company will became a hundred year old. And to comprehend with the occasion the oldest living Aston Martin, A3 and the stunning new Vanquish (brand’s Ultimate GT) will be taking their best shots during a photo shoot at Henniker Mews in Chelsea, the home of Aston Martin. In the eve Aston Martin Heritage Trust Walter Hayes Memorial Lecture is scheduled in Central London with A3 and Vanquish as the starring guest alongside with the actors like Sir John Standing as Lionel Martin revealing the story of making of the first Aston Martin in Lionel Martin’s own words.

Centenary launch

Centenary week

The whole celebration will continue for a week with festival of all things Aston Martin. The whole week is planned as to encourage the owner and enthusiast of the brand. The festival will include the open house activities at Gaydon that will also include tours and factory based events. The week will be supporting a 1000 guest birthday party on Saturday 20th July with an exclusive concours event at Central London on next day. The highlight of the events will be organized by the partnership of Aston Martin Owner’s Club and Aston Martin Heritage Trust. The concour display will be showcasing 100 most iconic Aston Martins and about 1000 Aston Martin fans.

Centenary week

Centenary Drives

A number of centenary drives have also been planned for the event. These will include James Bond themed tours that will be taking you all around England and Wales through the number of iconic Bond movie locations. The tour will provide you an opportunity to visit some of most scenic regions of California before spending their weekend at the Pebble Beach.

Centenary logo

To mark a successful century in the automotive area, Aston Martin has created a special logo. A dynamic spiral design that originates from nautilus shell, one of the most proportioned and mathematically precise things found in nature. It has 99 points that are arranged in the helix spiral out from the Aston Martin logo and joined to a Red hundered, to embark the celebration of 100 year. The logo represents the forward motion as well considering the glorious past.

History of Aston Martin

On Jan 15, 1913 Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin founded a new automotive company, and they called their company as Bamford and Martin which later became Aston Martin, considering the Bamford’s success at the Aston Clinton Hillclimb in the Buckinghamshire, where he successful drove the first cars. Bamford and Martin started their business at Chelsea’s Hennniker Mews in London and soon became famous for providing sporting machines for racers and enthusiast.

In the century Aston Martin has matured to represent several things, from the sporting power to the technical innovation and striking design. In the first 90 years of Aston Martin company built less than 15,000 cars.

The second celebration will be Aston Marin marking its first decade at Gaydon, in Warwickshire and moved to its purposely built premises on 3rd Jan 2003. Since then Aston Martin under CEO Dr. Ulrich Bex has manufactured over 45,000 cars. The original DB9 and Vantage were consorted by the new models like Rapide, Virage, DBS and now DB9 and Ultimate GT, the Vanquish, which is the company’s latest flagship car. Aston Martin is also now no longer focused on the local market but has ventured all over the international market to become a global player with an export of about 75% of annual production to the 146 dealerships across the world.

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