Aston Martin to Race with Solar Power

When Aston Martin talks of motorsport then cars like Vantage and DB9 comes first to the mind. It is doubted that Aston Martin can make such impeccable machines, then why can’t it develop some magnificent tech that would empower the motorsport arena to an extreme.

To prove that point on the pike of meeting the motorsport most regarded need, the British super car maker is reported to have developed a tech that could enable the driver at motor racing to relish himself with the cool waves of AC, without harnessing any of the engine’s performance. The tech, is basically not depended on the engine, instead the solar power is used to make it function.

According to the fact that AC saps in remarkable power from the engine and hence performance factor is shrouded down by a thick margin, thin solar panel is paved to be fitted on the car’s roof which will extract the solar rays to a form of charge that would power the AC inside the car. This sort of invention is believed to be of great use at the time of racing like World Endurance Championship. Hence, while noting down the details, Aston Martin had collaborated with Hanergy Global Solar Power & Applications Group to get the solar panel installed on the roof of Aston Martin GTE models.

In line with current FIA WEC regulations, GT cars must be fitted with an air conditioning system that keeps the temperature of the cockpit below 32 degrees centigrade or 12 degrees above ambient temperature.

“We aren’t looking at solar power technology for our race cars because it is a green option,” explains Aston Martin Racing’s Team Principal John Gaw. “We are looking at how we can use the power of the sun to improve the comfort of our race cars for our drivers and therefore increase our performance on track. However, we are looking at how we can improve our green credentials as a business now that we are moving to new premises.”

“It’s a bit of a balancing game at the moment,” explained Dan Sayers, Chief Engineer at Aston Martin Racing. “The air conditioning system uses engine power, however, keeping the drivers cool and more comfortable is essential. If we can find a solution that keeps the driver cool without the negative effects on performance then it could have a really positive impact on GT racing.”

Hope so, the development is in full-fledge on the said invention, and it is most likely that the Aston Martin would debut it soon in the coming days.

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