Aston Martin Unveils New V12 Zagato

Aston Martin will soon debut their new V12 Zagato as a race version, and have already announced about a road version also getting the go ahead. The car will make its debut at the Villa d’Este Concours, alongside the new Ferrari Superamerica 45 in Italy.

This race car is based on the platform of the V12 Vantage, and is a commemoration of the company’s fiftieth anniversary with the Italian firm, Zagato. Like the DB4GT Zagato, this model also focuses on upgrading the existing package. The V12 engine is a standard tune, which produces 510bhp of max power and a peak torque of 58.67kgm. Under the bodywork of the car is the joint work of Marek Reichman, Aston Martin’s chief designer and Zagato. The results are a considerable amount of weight saved, which is likely to bring down the acceleration rate from 0 to 62mph to lower than 4 seconds.

The chassis of the car has been engineered by a team led by Chris Porritt, which includes veterans who worked on the One-77 exclusive model from Aston. The chassis includes a retuned variant of the double wishbone suspension used in the V12 Vantage. The V12 Zagato will have its first race debut during the four hour VLN race at N├╝rburgring, featuring an intense aerodynamic package.

Two other models of the race car, including one which will be driven by company’s CEO himself, Dr. Ulrich Bez will be driven at the 24 Hours N├╝rburgring race in June-end. According to a source from Aston Martin, the car will be eligible only for race series of a national level or ‘gentleman’s racing’. There are no plans as of yet, for the new Zagato model to participate in the FIA GT level.

Bez said that for them, the task was to develop a concept, which would succeed the iconic cars that went before it. Matching advanced technology with traditional skills important to, delivering an exclusive and bespoke sports car will make certain that the V12 Zagato’s have a limited run. The car will begin deliveries reportedly by next year.

The road version of this car will be without the roll cage and big rear wing. It will introduce other creature comforts for the cabin; however it is likely to keep some of the race version’s motorsports inclined materials, like the dashboard’s anti-glare top for example, which is built from Alcantara.

The car is likely to be offered in two different road versions, which include a one with race specs, and the other being a plusher variant without rear wing. The price tag could be upwards of 200,000 pounds. However, the limited production units are likely to be closer to DB4GT Zagato’s 19 models, compared to the company last collaboration models, the DB AR1 and the DB7 Zagato, of which 100 each were put out in the market.

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