Aston Martin unveils V12 Vantage

The V12 Vantage has not only been re-designed, but it has also beenre-engineered by Aston Martin making it the fastest regular car in itshistory at 329 kilometers per hour (kmph).

With minute changes or more to say revised changes that include a morepowerful V12 engine with 565 bhp, the front grille is from the CC100concept and the 6-speed manual gearbox is now 7-speed automated manualgearbox with adaptive dampers and low kerb weight.

According to Aston Martin’s production Development Chief, Ian Manards, the changes broaden the V12 Vantage’s appeal and givesalong with great performance, enthusiasm and great usability.

Aston Martin V12 Vantage S

According to Minard anyone who has driven the V12 Vantage has lovedit which makes the firm in safe place. Though the fact remained thefocus was not all tastes in the beginning. The response has been givenby making V12 Vantage S not just a car but with broadened appeal.

The addition of 3 driving modes: normal, sport and track give it agreater ability of breadth.

Aston Martin’s product growth head, Ian Minards, stated that the modifications “widen the demand of the V12 Vantage” and provide “additional recital and more thrill” but also better serviceability.

“I have never met any person who did notwant or wish to buy the V12 Vantage after test driving it,” added Ian, “so we were already in an excellent position. But the fact that it was so concentrated destined it was not or all tastes to start with. We have reacted to that by making the V12 Vantage S, a car with broadened appeal.”

Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Back View

The selection of these modes alters the gearshift speeds and timings,throttle response, damper firmness, steering assistance and exhaustnote.

In normal mode the V12 Vantage is more usable and refined then the V8Vantage S. The dynamic attributes match the outgoing V12 Vantage inthe sport mode. In the track mode V12 Vantage goes beyond creatingthe hardest and fastest regular Aston made to-date.

The upgraded Vantage is the latest at heart with the 5th generationevolution of the Aston Martin normalaspirated 5.9 liter V12, code named AM28. Fourth generation AM11 unitused in the latest Vanquish, DB4 and Rapid S, the main development inthe AM28 is the new Bosch engine-management system.

The power of the V12 Vantage is almost same to that of the Vanquish at565 bhp with a 55 bhp increase over the Vantage.

The V12 is mated on a 7-speed automatic manual transmission, which istaken from the V8 Vantage giving a long final drive ratio allowinghigh top speed controlled by paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel.

V12 Vantage S

As Aston put it, the adaption of the sportshift 3 transmission, is theend of the 6-speed manual in V12 Vantage. In order to make a ‘businesscase’ the car required 2 pedals instead of 3. The two likely marketsfor V12 Vantage are china and North America as autos are popularthere.

The 7-speed automated box is 25 kg lighter than the previous 6-speedmanual giving more chance to exploit the engines performance with themotorsport shift speeds then the old transmission.

The final acceleration figures are yet to be revealed but expectationsare by Aston 0-100 kilometers per hour (kmph) in less than 4.0 sec. The top speed isconfirmed at 329 kph. A limited-run special, the one-77 is the onlyfastest Aston car on road.

You can thank the engine improvements, new gearbox and reduced weightfor the Economy and CO2 figures.  The kerb weight is 15 kg less at1665 kg than the V12 Vantage in the standard specifications. Though 25kg has been taken out of the gearbox 10 kg has been added.

The 3-stage adaptive damping technology is supplied by Bilstein. Theappearance marks the first time use of the adaptive dampers. Thespring rates are same as those of the Vanquish.

Aston Martin

The 3 modes allow you to have your choice without compromising onlow-speed refinement for high-speed ability.

Another Vantage first is the servotronic two level assistance steeringsystem. Both levels are attached to the adaptive dampers. Sport andtrack mode give extra weight and precise feel making it easy andbetter to drive in different situations.

Other developments adapted from the one-77 include the Brembo suppliedcarbon-ceramic brakes, smaller lighter exhaust and continentalsupplied 2-stage dynamic stability control system.

The new 10 spoke alloy wheels (optional) save another 3.3 kg,specified with standard P Zero Corse dry-weather tyres or P Zero allweather rubber which is a non-cost option. The sum of all thesechanges has been described by Minard as ‘altering the entire chassisrecipe’.

Penned by Aston design director MarckReichman is the new front grilleadoption making it the most notable feature. Inspiration taken from theCC100 at the Nurburgring 24 hrs earlier this month, the grill does nothave the distinctive aluminum vanes, rather has a carbon fiber framewith dark background mesh that is made out of titanium and carbonfiber. The width of the grille also improves cooling.

Aston Martin V12

The side strakes are designed from carbon fiber, the optimal exteriorgraphics pack paints the roof and bootlid black, revised rear bumper widening the car in the rear.Though the distinctive carbon fiber bonnet vents remain.

The interior on stepping inside gives you instantly the feeling ofhaving entered a special car. Alcantara, leather and high-qualitycarbon-fiber are the featured materials. To reflect the cars namespecial lightweight sports seats can be added to the interior with ‘S’running throughout.

The V12 Vantage S is to replace V12 Vantage in the Aston Martin’s global lineup.

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