Audi A3 sedan spotted testing in India, one more time

Audi A3 sedan is been already speculated to launch in India for a number of times, and even the officials of Audi too has hinted the same to media at most of the occasions. However, putting their statement to test, A3 sedan spotted testing once again on Indian shores.

Image posted on the blog is snapped in Mumbai, Maharashtra, base of Audi India. And it is no doubt that Ingolstadt based carmaker wanted to give a sleepless nights to Merc and BMW how have just landed their premium hatchbacks, namely A-Class and 1-Series here. The Audi too had its hatchback sold in most of the global markets, but it doesn’t believe in bring that compact version here to our land. Instead, Audi derived of giving away a sedan in the price of hatchback would make more sense than the aforementioned.

Listed below are the engine options which four-ringed badge carmaker sells in most of the markets of A3 sedan. We aren’t clear which will make to our shores for the launch:

  • 1.4 TFSI (Petrol) 140PS
  • 1.8 TFSI (Petrol) 180PS
  • 1.6TDi (Diesel) 105PS
  • 2.0TDi (Diesel) 150PS

Audi A3 sedan spotted testing in India

And for the last, it is also been expected that 2014 Delhi Auto Expo may find Audi A3 sedan flaring its fins towards Indians.

Price expected: Less than Rs. 25 lakh.

Image Courtesy: TeamBHP

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