Audi A8 facelift caught testing once again in Mumbai (India)

It now seems a daily routine of Audi to bring in the fresh of global auto fraternity to India. Already ducked in the A3 sedan on our local shores, as seen testing recently, another sighting of A8 facelift has amazed us again.

Hence, the second spy shot of A8 facelift is captured on the streets of Mumbai.

Going to debut at 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, A8 facelift is the cosmetic makeover, and without much of the cosmetics, major change would be the replacement of conventional Audi-ish headlights with the ‘Matrix headlamps’.

Matrix headlamps is learnt to be connected with the GPS system of car and moulds the beam in the upcoming direction, as earliest as the driver could imagine. In addition, it also uses the camera to sense swooping vehicles from the opposite direction and lowers the beam in that particular area in which the driver of the opposite is sighted, the rest of the area remains lighted in the high beam itself. The same function of diode detects pedestrians too. In action, it blinks the beams to give them signal, and sometimes even darks out (the whole cluster) when feels the vehicle had reached quite near to the spot.

Audi A8 facelift
Tail-lights as well seem to be new. The line dissecting them from in-between would be the chrome strip, as what the camouflage in the spy shots speaks of.

To conclude this much for now, we ‘expect’ to see the launch of A8 facelift soon after the debut at upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.

New Audi A8 facelift

Image Courtesy: IAB.

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