Audi at the top the list for luxury car brands

Audi is doing quite well in the market at the moment. As a result of the new models that the company has been launching recently, there seems to be a rapid improvement in the sales figures of Audi. The sales of the company increased to such an extent that Audi managed to top the list of the luxury car brands for the year 2013 in India. This position has only been achieved by them when they managed to sell over ten thousand units in India, during the previous calendar year. Mercedes Benz, on the other hand, has also done well in the market with sales of over 9,000 units in the previous calendar year. Mercedes managed the second place in the list of luxury car brands.

Audi has not launched new models in 2013, but it has still managed to do better than its rivals by launching new facelifts and variants of the existing models in the market, and has also recorded a growth in sales by 11% in total.

Audi at the top the list for luxury car brands

Mercedes launched the new E-class, GL-class and the A-class in 2013. This helped the company to record a sales figure, which was just 1,000 units lesser than that of Audi. In comparison to the sales made by both the companies in 2012, there has been tremendous improvement. In 2012, BMW managed to sell 9,375 units, Mercedes managed to sell 6,840 units and Audi sold 9,003 units. Till 2012, BMW had been at the top of the list of luxury car brands in India, but Audi has managed to surpass BMW in the year 2013.

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