Audi customer driving experience to come up soon

In similar lines with the driving academy set up by Mercedes, Audi has chosen Greater Noida’s Buddh International Circuit as the base for providing its customers the opportunity to drive the entire range of cars from Audi extending up to its R8 supercar, under direct supervision of qualified instructors.

Audi has given instructor roles to former competitive drivers, which includes the likes of Rohitaaz Kumar, Gaurav Dalal, Prithveen Rajan as well as Aditya Patel, the Scirocco Cup winner. Finalization of the trainers was done after recent testing sessions conducted at a place near the suburbs of Chennai.

Audi customer driving experience to come up soonHowever, as communicated to Indian Drives, full throttle speed was not the main criteria for selecting the trainers. Factors like availability, experience, interpersonal skills and communication have been considered as well. This seems to be a fair process as the car manufacturer expects that the instructors will help the typical customers of Audi, who are known for their inherent love for speed, to learn the basics of controlling the car as well. This is going to help the Audi customers to achieve the top levels of performance that these vehicles are capable of offering. The instructors were, however, selected by making them drive the A6 and A4 sedans.

Audi has scheduled this program for 30 days in a year. This activity will result in Audi joining an impressive list of car manufacturers including Volkswagen, Toyota, Caterham and Mercedes in choosing the thrill offered by motorsports to promote the performance ability of their respective vehicles in India. Audi could also, in the near future, be an important participant in the Indian Motorsport arena and could introduce its single-make ‘S4 Cup’ in India, which will be in similar lines with the Volkswagen Polo Cup. The S4 will be the perfect model to showcase the high performance ability that the Audi cars possess. For the youthful Indian racers, the scenario could never have been better with Toyota also confirming the Etios Cup in the year 2012.

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