Audi launches A6 petrol facelift at Rs.45.90 lakh

In what is great news for car and Audi lovers, the company has launched the petrol edition of the facelifted Audi A6, which has been christened the A6 35 TFSI and comes with a price tag of Rs.45.90 lakh.

The interiors of the car have been done up now as well with LED headlights replacing the Matrix LED headlamps. The car also has dynamic turn indicators now and with a new and improved infotainment system as well a new Bose audio system making it all the more attractive for overall needs.

The A6 TFSI comes packed with a 1.8-litre turbo petrol mill that delivers 187.7bhp in terms of power as well as 32.6kgm of torque. The engine delivers more power and is regarded to be more fuel efficient at 15.26kpl. The transmission will be through the seven-speed S-Tronic dual-clutch automatic gearbox, which will replace the older CVT with the energy recuperation function being a leading reason behind engine being more efficient this time.

Audi launches A6 petrol facelift at Rs.45.90 lakh

The safety features include eight airbags and there is also leather upholstery and more legroom for passengers sitting in the rear.

This launch will be keenly looked at as the carmaker is looking to take on the likes of the immensely successful BMW 5 series, the Jaguar XF and the Mercedes E-Class with this launch. What will also be looked at is how much of a difference the revamped feel will make to the minds of customers as we await a slew of upcoming launches in this segment.


A petrol version of the Audi A6 facelift has been launched in India at a starting price of Rs.45.90 Lakh.

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