Audi Q3 S clocks 125 bookings on the day of launch!

Audi India clocking the new heights day by day, their new stepping stone is the Q3 S compact SUV, which is a ripped-off sibling of the ultra niche Q3. The piece of news is not such that Audi had dared to rip-off some of luxury quotient from the starting range model, but it is such the German carmaker had clocked 125 bookings of same on the day of launch, which is introduced to us for a price tag of Rs. 24.99 lakh ex-showroom Delhi.

Not stopping even at that, the same had also ran out 500 booking figures in the spate of 5 days, all thanks to the online booking program which was started by Audi some days back.

“The Audi Q3 S Edition is an answer to ever-increasing demand for luxury mobility with the thrill of self-controlled driving. We are confident that the Audi Q3 S Edition will be yet another successful addition to our success story in India,” commented Michael Perschke, Audi India Head when talking about the success of his organization on our shores.

Audi Q3 S Edition
Q3 S sans the LED xenon lights of ongoing Q3 with the conventional halogen one, and also drops to panoramic sunroof in major cosmetic effort of cost reduction. The engine too is not spared for the detuning as per costing. Now the same 2.0-litre TDI is made to work with 140 horses instead of 177 before detuning. Quattro all-wheel drive system which is authentically developed by Audi also doesn’t find its space on this car to meet the spec. But overall if we would see, 17.32 kmpl seems quite impressive for this sort of vehicle which most probably tends to be a duly gas-guzzling.

However, Mercedes Benz may be feeling the jealousy by this effort of Audi, because it was the A Class which was promising a lot of the niche at a very less price recently, but in the similar set of price tag, one too can avail the compact luxury SUV which sounds a quite better equation than the hatchbacks, isn’t it?

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