Audi R8 V10 Plus Made Its Debut in India at BIC

R8 is the flagship model of Audi and without any doubt it had made those sales target achieved which the carmaker was thinking may not be possible in markets like India. Altogether, it is combination of power, luxury and a clear definition of beauty, not diluted by any other factor.

The four ringed badge seems not to be satisfied with the numbers that it had achieved and to make more of it, Audi lunched R8 V10 Plus in India.

In the simpler words, R8 V10 Plus is not an exclusively new thing on our tarmac, not at least in terms of brand new shaping or so, it is just a tweaking of engine displacement and other minute tit-bits, while not more than that on the shelf.

Audi R8 V10 Plus

In actual, Plus moniker stands for those additional 25 bhp peak power and 10 Nm of peak torque which is derived from the same sort of 5.2 liter V10 engine being assimilated by 7 speed dual clutch S-tronic DSG gearbox, and riding traction on all the wheels through famous “Quattro”. Meanwhile, it can hit a top whack of 317 kmph, under 3.5 second for 0-100 guise.

As someone had said, power don’t comes easy, and that is all true to an extent, not false at least with the Audi R8 V10 Plus for now, because Germans had tied a hefty price tag of Rs. 2.05 crore (ex showroom Delhi) which makes it more meaner than ever. Sometimes, it should not be said that way as well, as the master engineering cues of automotive horizon is found till the core on this one.

New Audi R8 V10 Plus

Taking a look on R8 V10 Plus badge, it yields us with a whole list, where we are naming only few of them in our blog; low mounted hung engine for better weight distribution, use of carbon fiber to keep the body weight low, aluminum alloy engine and carbon ceramic brakes for braking confidence even at high speed, are those which had come known to us on very first glance.  Practicality for everyday commute makes it to stand out of the rival’s stand, where they are the nasty ones only on racetrack and not on actual road condition.

Cool interiors, adjustable heated leather seats and ample of luggage space, with a “too” sophisticated leather upholstery make it to drive the lucrative side of sports scratching bugs.

 Only this much for now, till the other roll-out enjoy yourselves watching these pictures, as the Audi is serious for launches like A3, RS5 PI and many others in near future.

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