Audi to Build A3 based MPV?

Being posted some cool sales number in this year itself, Audi seems to have been left behind in one of the segment, and that is the hatchback driven MPV.

Hopefully this piece of derivation is still in the early stages of development but the four ringed luxury car brand may fill in the gap by pouring more flesh on the hatchback A3, quotes a report in the industry. Mercedes Benz is already had this sort in B Class format, and BMW had previewed the Active Tourer Concept at Paris Show last year to show same strength. Not so disappointingly, Audi is said to arrive with its MPV in 2016 being the earliest in its form.

Newbie will be based on the VW’s MQB platform, and will be of the same wheelbase to that of its hatchback A3. It will be stretched enough to house seven passengers at a time and would use the TDI or TFSI four cylinder engine that can be mellow the dual clutch auto as well as manual transmission. No doubt that the famous Quattro also be deployed as a standard feature.

Audi A3 MPV
In addition to this piece of news, a leading media house had claimed, Audi had already prepared a concept MPV in the backend but it is still not the sure that whether it should display it at the next year’s Frankfurt Auto Show or not. Hopefully, if the answer is yes then official press release may arrive in this week or so.

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