Audi to increase prices from 1st Jan 2013

German automaker Audi has announced rise of price across its complete product range in the Indian market effective from 1st Jan 2013. Audi has increased the prices by 5 percent to comprehend with the increasing raw material costs and handling charges. According to the company, prices will rise from Rd. 59,000 to Rs. 3,69,000 depending upon the model.

Rise in input cost, rise of fuel prices and declining rupee value has forced the company to reevaluate its car prices, according to Michael Perschke, head of Audi India.

The other luxury car makers like BMW and Mercedes Benz are also planning for the same. Even Maruti Suzuki, Renault, General Motors and Hyundai Motors have also revealed their intentions to revise the prices of their models from Jan.

Audi to increase prices from 1st Jan 2013

Meanwhile, Audi has crossed their target for selling about 8,000 cars in India in 2012 and has already sold about 8,072 cars from January to November. This is about 58 percent higher than the last year’s sale over the same period.

In India Audi with its about 2 dozen dealerships have A4, A6, A8, Q3, Q5 and Q7 in its product portfolio.

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