Audi TT coming to India this month

In luxury car segment, Audi has a different personality that makes the Mercs and Beemers look like murderers. And now by setting a sales record of 600 cars in the month of Feb, an astonishing 33 per cent rise over the 450 units of same month last year.

Adding to its fame, the German automaker is taking a confident step on launching the very beloved coupe, Audi TT. The company plans to bring the sports coupe to India in March itself, alongside expanding its dealership network in Coimbatore, Nagpur and West Delhi.

Audi TT coming to India this month
Michael Perschke- Head Audi India said that Audi gathered terrific response from the Indian luxury car market; alongside their strong foothold in Indian market with its exciting product line up. He believes the country has an improving portfolio for luxury car segment and world class service standards, and has an expanding dealership network across the country.

The German marquee aims at reaching sales target of 8000 units this year, and they seem to be going on the right track with the current sales figure. Last year, the company clocked 5511 units, a growth of 84 per cent over the previous year’s sales figure.

Following the luxury crossovers Q7 and Q5, there is a baby brother Q3 coming up in mid 2012. Perschke also announced that the Audi TT will be coming to the shores this month with expanding dealership network to Nagpur, Coimbatore and West Delhi.

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