Auto Expo 2020 – The Motor Show – Day 3 – Hyundai Le Fil Rouge

Auto Expo 2020 The Motor Show Hyundai Le Fil Rouge

Latest Updates of Day 3 from Auto Expo 2020, The Motr Show. A few brands introduced newer vehicles and they include Suzuki Motorcyles India, Hyundai India Le Fil Rouge, Haima Bird Electric EV1, Hyundai Kite.

Hyundai India showcased its concept car #LeFilRouge on day 3 of Auto Expo 2020.

Hyundai reveals another car on day 3 under future of mobility #HyundaiKite at the Auto Expo 2020

Haima announced its entryinto the Indian market by showcasing its next-generation family electric car – Bird Electric EV1 at the #AutoExpo2020

Suzuki Motorcycle India unveiled their range of new motorcycle and scooters at the #AutoExpo2020

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