Base 7-Seater Renault Lodgy RxE Coming Soon!

The response to the Lodgy MPV, which Renault launched earlier this year in India, hasn’t been all too enthusiastic to put it politely. Although the car was launched in eight-seater and seven-seater variants, the seven-seater version was only available in the top end trims.

So now to add a little more spice to the existing Lodgy lineup and attract customer attention to the car, Renault is planning to launch a seven-seater base version with an 85PS engine fitted to it. Right now the seven-seater version is only available in the top end trims with 1.5-liter DCi engine capable of producing 110PS peak output.

Base 7-Seater Renault Lodgy RxE Coming Soon!

Presently, the difference between the seven and the eight-seater in the RxZ trim is about Rs.30,000. This will remain same in the base RxE trim as well once the seven-seater is introduced in that trim level.

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