Bayerische Moteren Werke AG or BMW – World of Ace Car Producers

One of the rulers of the auto world is BMW. This splendid auto firm has been in progress since 1917. Bayerische Moteren Werke AG or Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) is a German automobile company. This has been producing or manufacturing motorcycle and engines. The BMW is located in Munich, Bavaria in Germany. They have now spread all over the world and are one of the best in the market. One can easily call them the soul of the car market. They are loved everywhere and have a significant place reserved for themselves. It was first into building aircrafts but after the treaty of Versailles was forced to shut that down. Then the focus was shifted to making of cars and this was a boom in the industry.

Dixi was the first car ever made by the BMW. This was based on Austin7. They received a good response with Dixi and then started developing further. Gradually they moved into making sports cars. Formula 1 cars were a new attraction about them. They are now the soul makers of the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and they also now create Mini (marque) cars. The Minis are very unique and opted choice of customers. They have held major customer base with their uniqueness and mini size which is comforting and adjusting. This company is based in the United Kingdoms and not in Germany.

Bayerische Moteren Werke AG or BMW - World of Ace Car Producers

The BMW have all the possible and available car types in the market. The best part is they are one of the top sellers of all the types and patterns of cars. They provide the best interiors, user-experience and travel experience to the customers. Sedans, SUVs, sports models, tour models, rally cars, you name them and they are available. It is a huge firm with a wonderful and a voluminous customer base. They provide the best services to their customers and see to it that there are no complaints. There are various series within the given types. In total, the BMW Company has manufactured 1,481,253 numbers of cars so far. They started manufacturing sedans in the year 1962. They have an international branding of all the series and every produce. They are distinct and well-known now. The BMW 1Series was launched in 2004 and is the smallest car in the whole BMW clan. F20 is the second generation car in the 1 Series and is currently available too. The Motorsport cars are known as the M models. They are high performance cars.

Since 1968, BMW powered cars have won almost 20 Formula 1 races till date. They also became F1 conductors in 2006. With class cars the motorsport and sport cars also have a firm base rooted in the market with the BMW name.

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