Beetle Convertible Shark Cage for Shark Week unveiled by Volkswagen

Shark Week seems gaining more of the importance these days. And it also had become a significant event for automobile industry too. Not much of the anxiousness, its Volkswagen who had taken the Shark Week aggressively and made a Beetle Convertible Shark Cage for the same.

Built in collaboration with the marine biologist Luke Tipple, the cage is going to be unveiled for the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week which is set to kick off on August 4th at 8PM EST.

This cage is made using cues from Volkswagen Beetle Convertible and is grounded on the tubular construction. Wheels, headlights and interior linings are also embedded on it, that being dragged straight from the production specific vehicle. A tri-motor being placed in the cage so that, divers can stroll it underwater too.

Volkswagen unveils Beetle Convertible shark cage
However, only this much of the confirmations are made publicly, but more of them are going to make revelation on 4th August (at the aforementioned time) itself.

 Beetle Convertible Shark Cage for Shark

“While most of the entertainment world has adapted to our busy schedules through on-demand viewing, Shark Week is a rarity in that it still captures millions of viewers in a week-long shared experience,” said Volkswagen of America’s vice president of marketing, Kevin Mayer.

Volkswagen Beetle

With this sort of assortment, Volkswagen is trying to spruce up the exciting quotient of the brand in pop culture, concludes Kevin.

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