Best CNG Cars in India

With the ever increasing prices of commodities and constant hike in fuel prices life in India is definitely getting dearer. Even if these days people can easily affords cars because of their high incomes or various loan schemes offered by banks, what people these days have to plan for is the fuel cost.

Hike in fuel prices mostly that of Petrol and Diesel has an overall impact on the country, cost of commodities also increase due to rise in the transportation cost. So in such days of distress a solution which is fast gaining a momentum is the option of using CNG, i.e. Compressed Natural Gas kits in cars or for better performance and safety CNG cars itself.

Use of CNG cars has many pro and cons but irrespective of this many are opting for CNG cars as this option perfectly suits their pockets. Good aspect of using CNG is its eco-friendly attribute of being less polluting than others. Also there is an abundant availability of Natural Gas. A risk of using CNG is the fear involved in using the gas storage tank, which not only takes ample amount of space but is also combustible.

Maruti car

Apart from these points the startling fact is that popularity of CNG vehicles in India is increasing and hence many safer and appropriate models of CNG cars are filling the market. In comparison of last year the availability of best CNG cars in India has evidently increased. Cars of various classes are available. Hence potential customers can choice from varied options.

If one wants to go for a sedan he can go with Hyundai’s Accent CNG. The car is Manual and gives an average of 11.26 km/ kg. The car cost around 5.50- 6 lakhs. Another option is Maruti’s SX4 CNG. The car like Accent is also Manual but offers better mileage of 21.4 km/ kg and is priced a bit higher at 7 to 8 lakhs. Also in a higher range of cars Chevrolet has Aveo at priced 6 lakhs with 94PS @6200rpm.

Maruti Ertiga

Among hatchbacks the options are comparatively more.  Maruti itself offers about 4 car models in CNG class. Maruti WagonR eco is a good car for someone looking for utility along with enough sitting space. The car offers an amazing mileage of 26.2 km/ kg and ranges between 4 – 4.50 lakhs. Other Maruti car is the Alto with 39PS @ 6200rpm. The car costs the least, falling in the range of 2.80-3.50 lakhs and offers fuel average like that of the WagonR.

Tata Indica

Maruti Ertiga and Estillo are also best option keeping in mind the cost of car and its utility. To match these positive factors the mileage which has always been a prime concern of many car users and potential buyers is also good, 27 km/ kg. Hyundai also has released CNG version of Santro Xing for 3.5 lakhs.  Cars like Maruti Omni and Tata Indica which has been in market for a long time are now also available in CNG form.

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