Bharat Benz Launched Four New Commercial Vehicles in India: 3-Tractor Model and 1-Construction Mining Model

Bharat Benz today launched four new products in India, three of them are from the tractor models and one is from the construction-mining model. Naming them, it can be noted that 4023TT, 4028TT and 4928TT are from the tractor arena whereas the 3128CM is from the construction mining repertoire. Have been in India since past 15 months, the Bharat Benz has sold more than 7500 trucks without any discounts, acquiring the 4th position in the market. Till date the Daimler owned brand has opened 75 dealers in India and has entitled to initiate the 15 export markets.

The construction model is powered by a 6373cc engine wobbling out 280hp @ 2200RPM and 1100NM of torque @ 1200-1600RPM. The tractor models as per their trims are differentiated on the basis of torque; 4023 goes for 810NM, the 4028 on a 1100NM and the last one i.e. 4928 for the 1100NM. All of the tractor models drive the said peak torque between 1200-1600RPM.

Bharat Benz

The Bharat-Benz hasn’t announced the price of their products yet, but has said all of them to be a bit fair pricey than the competitors likewise their other products in the market. The vehicles to be having originally factory built body rather than the aftermarket one like the other products in market.

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