BharatBenz Launches Light-Duty Trucks in India at Rs.10.15 lakh onwards

BharatBenz holds the same prestige that Mercedes brand cars in the passenger vehicle segment derives.

The trend of niche luxury seems catching heavy vehicles segment in India, as we have Navistar, Scania, and others in this genesis. Though it is heavily priced, customers still prefer them because of the undoubted engineering that goes well down with ‘power’, ‘comfort’ and ‘safety’. The last word on their product which now is springing a lot in our Indian market is, ‘high fuel efficiency’. Overall, one can conclude it as a nice decent package.

Back to the point, BharatBenz launched three new entrants in the fleet namely, 914, 1214 – haulers and 1217 – construction vehicle. It will now be made available throughout all the dealerships of India, as had witnessed a good response from 1200 customers, who were invited to feast upon it at the time of launch itself.

Commenting on such a deliberative occasion Mr. Georg Weiberg, Head of Product Engineering, Daimler Trucks, Germany, said, “It is an obligation for us and our brand BharatBenz to ensure that customers will be happy with these trucks and our Heavy-duty trucks. Our focus was to create a truck with superior performance, efficiency and the best quality but at a very competitive price.” Continuing with some more facts he also revealed that, German and Japanese engineers have been rolled in to build a masterpiece of technology but we also included Indian experts to get the cost effective solutions on our product.

BharatBenz Launches Light-Duty Trucks

Listing the technical specifications, fuel efficiency stands at an optimum output by 10% as compared with other products in the market. FUSO Fighter/Canter platform is used to underpin those new carrier and tipper, while 4D34i four-cylinder CRDi (Common-rail Direct Injection) engine is used to pump the output of 140PS and 170PS.

BharatBenz Launches Light-Duty Trucks in India

Prices (ex-showroom Delhi) are mention in the following table below:

[table id=103 /]

  • Prices are Ex-showroom Chennai
  • Prices include 14.5% VAT (Tamil Nadu)
  • Taxes & Levies applicable in different states vary

Lastly, Daimler Financial Serveices, financial wing of Daimler, will look after all the number crunching hassles, and would also provide custom made packages to lure more and more leads into converts.

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