Bill Gates’ Porsche 959 spotted in a fleet of cars in Bellevue

No one in this world needs any introduction of who Bill Gates is. No matter where you belong, it’s certain that you’ll find every other guy recognizes the creator of Microsoft. Gates had once been world’s richest person. So it’s no big deal for the owner of 55 billion USD (or 44 billion Euros) to afford whatever nice thing he wishes to own.

Although his list of ‘nice things’ is too long to be read out, but he certainly has few things that stand out from the entire list. One of those distinguishing things is the amazing Porsche 959. The Porsche 959 is one of the world’s first real supercars.  Back in those days, this car used to head to head with Ferrari F40 in every aspect. Just like the distinguishing outlook of the Porsche 959, the car features some real good distinguishing specs too. It features a twin-turbocharged flat-six engine with air-cooled block and water-cooled heads. The engine is capable of delivering 444hp, which in turn propels the 1450kg (3190lb) car to a speed of 100 kmph (62mph) from zero speed in just 3.7 seconds. The car has a top speed of 317 kmph, which is just short of 200 mph.

Bill Gates' Porsche 959 spotted in a fleet of cars in Bellevue

With the Porsche 959 included in Bill Gates’ fleet of cars, it certainly seems that he has some nostalgic emotions attached with the car. The car seems to take him back to the era when Windows was still on drawing board, i.e. early to mid 1980s period. He must have dreamt of owning the car as he saw the snapshots of the supercar back in those days. This may be the reason why he has this vintage supercar in his fleet even today. In fact, Bill Gates can get himself all 337 models produced by the car and that too without affecting his bank balance much.

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