BMW 3-Series And 5-Series Sachin Tendulkar Signature Edition Launched In India

Sachin Tendulkar had stroked the bat throughout his career like no other. And we also know he is making enough money even after taking a retirement from the cricket. Numbers of endorsement deals, the status of handing the most prestigious Mumbai Indians team of IPL, owned by the India’s richest man, are there to say about it. But his association with BMW India is something else which Sachin has signed off the way from cricket. It’s all about the ‘motorsports’ and ‘cars’ when comes to deal with BMW, and our Little Master does that very well too.

A car enthusiast by every mean, today BMW cashing on the image of Tendulkar has launched the special edition cars in India. Called Sachin Tendulkar Signature Edition, the car model ranges from 3-Series to 5-Series, we mean from the entry-level sedan to mid-size sedan. For the exclusivity, only 15 units are up for sale in the Indian market. It seems, the reason behind these exclusive cars is to mark and assure the blend of localization which is raised to near 100% across all BMW produced in India due to the Make in India strategy of the recent PM. Sachin Tendulkar was there on the day when BMW rolled out its first product on the manufacturing line in Chennai under the new localization scheme.

BMW 3-Series And 5-Series Sachin Tendulkar Signature Edition Launched In India

BMW India charges Rs 35.90 lakh for 3-Series, while 5-Series commences the range from 46.90 lakh onwards. Both cars use diesel engine of four-cylinder as standard that sends the max output of 184bhp in the smaller, and 190bhp in the bigger sedan.

Thus, BMW India is now able to sell those limited edition cars like a hot cake. After all, cricket is a religion in India, and not treated as a mere game, where Sachin Tendulkar is called a God of it.

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