BMW 3 Series LWB: Beijing Auto Show

BMW has revealed its all-new 3 Series LWB (Long Wheelbase) sedan at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show. The all new 3 Series LWB will be offered only for the Chinese market and has its extended wheelbase by 110mm unlike the standard model for substantially increasing rear legroom. It will be offered in BMW 320Li, BMW 335Li or BMW 328Li trim levels and will be designed and engineered in new Shenyang production facility of China. According to BMW, the all-new sedan fulfills the Chinese automobile customers’ needs. In first 2 months, the automaker has marketed 80,000 vehicles in China that’s 37% higher unlike in 2011 and has also recorded 425,000 international sales in the 1st quarter.

BMW 3 Series LWB: Beijing Auto Show

Mr. Ian Robertson stated that sales performance of China is a part of the company’s balanced worldwide success. The original 3 months of this year have been their best start to any year internationally. They intended to continue this growth and claim the title of being one of the leading premium vehicle automaker in the world. The company is also planning to open a design studio in Shanghai in May this year for tapping into rapidly increasing Chinese market. This studio will be including Connected Lab Drive that will have a team of experts examining Connected Drive functions, which include safety and infotainment equipment.

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