BMW Announces Organic Light, a New Concept Using OLEDs

The BMW has always taken lights as an important designing feature; even the Audi too doesn’t miss out on it. Now in the battle, for the first time, BMW officially declared to embed its future cars with the Organic light diodes (OLEDs), yes like the one that our smartphones and TV sets had.

There can quite curious question arising in the mind – how it could be, and in which motor show the first example will be seen. Disappointingly, we don’t have any answers to all those queries, but it can be for sure, the results will be excellent.

Going by the technicalities of OLEDs, we noticed, they are light in weight and are more powerful in nature, which means, the lights in the posted images can lend some clues to the curios heads.

BMW Announces Organic Light, a New Concept Using OLEDs

“Thanks to their flexibility and extremely low clear height, as well as their ability to produce a very even, non-dazzling level of light across their entire surface and the fact that individual modules can be controlled separately, OLEDs will be the perfect lighting element for future lighting scenarios involving rear lights or turn signals,” says the official press release of BMW.

BMW Announces Organic Light

Briefing a recent past, this year BMW wrote its name in the history when it announced the world to put laser headlights into production under the trademark name ‘Laserlight’. The i8 will be the first car in the world to feature such technology and it will enter production.

New Concept Using OLEDs

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