BMW & Audi bury Electric car plans for the time being

Owing to the price rise of fuels that has always been rising, automobile manufacturers had made up their mind to kick-start the work on electric cars which would reduce the cost of commutation to a great extent. Though there is a lot that car-makers are trying to do for the harassed customers. Since petrol prices have been shooting up, thus the first two car-makers to emerge out for the customers were Audi and BMW both of whom had promised to work on their respective Electric cars. But now it seems that the plan has been buried by both the giants due to some reasons. Both of these companies had given their statements in which they had expressed their desired to dedicate a whole unit solely to zero-emission motoring. But seeing the present scenario, it cannot be adjudged that the price-hike has been as much as the companies expected. It surely is high but not too high. Thus, this is the reason that both of the car makers are giving when asked regarding dropping their services.

BMW & Audi bury Electric car plans for the time being
Thus, the shift now is upon gar-run cars and both of the companies are competing against each other. Demand for diesel cars has increased to a great extent now and thus more and more people are opting for cars that are run on diesel rather than petrol. Even the demand for CNG cars has increased over the past few months. Hybrid cars though expensive, have also met surplus demands in the market.

Initially Audi was looking forward to rolling out an electric version of its A2 models well as e-tron A1 model. They even put the A1 e-tron to test and that too on public roads. Apparently the reason given by Audi regarding the dropping of this plan is the high cost that is involved in going ahead with the project. Earlier, A2 was launched which also failed to sell as there were better choices up for the people. But one thing is for sure that Audi will definitely be launching e-tron A3 on US roads. Audi will also be launching e-tron R8 which will come under the limited edition tag. BMW also had its plans of launching electric cars but dropped this plans as a result of various reasons such as charging infrastructure, external catalysts, government subsidies and hike in fuel prices. Thus there won’t be any electric cars rolling out of the manufacturing units of any of these automobile heavyweights.

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