BMW eyes entry-level M model

BMW is making proposals for a new entry-level M vehicle based around a new saloon edition of the second-generation 1-series.

The compact four-door car plans to provide the company with a direct competitor to the forthcoming Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG as well as Audi S3 saloon.

Owing to the heavy engineering workload confronting BMW on subsisting new model progress, the compact M Performance saloon is not likely to reach the UK market until the second half of the year 2015 at the earliest.

A top official said, “We are keenly considering it. Do we think there is a budding market? Yes, and it is expected to nurture quickly. If we had the capability, we would already be well down the road [to production] before this time.”

BMW eyes entry-level M model

As per BMW researches, the market for compact performance saloons is ready for high growth in major market zones comprising China and North America.

With both the S3 saloon and CLA45 AMG all set to hit markets before 2013 end, the company functionaries are eager to fast-track the innovative model, probably with contracted technology.

“There has been a wholesale shift in the market,” said a source.

“Our customary new entry-level M models such as the M3 and M5 have turned a good deal larger, a lot more potent, better outfitted and naturally more valuable over the years. They still market in solid numbers, but it is time to focus on the more low-priced end of the performance range.”

A thick covering of confidentiality encircles the company’s junior saloon proposals. But, the sources can disclose that the company is thinking over two disparate plans.

The initial plan focuses on the subsisting back-wheel-drive 1-series.

The second plan comprises the firm’s new front-wheel drive platform disclosed at the Paris motor show during September.

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