BMW Group Opens A Satellite R&D Center In Korea

Apart from the first driving center of Asia, BMW Group also announced the inauguration of a satellite R&D Center in Korea.

The R&D Center began its operations at the beginning of July.

By the end of 2015, the German automaker had claimed to hire a total workforce of 20 people.

Dr. Ian Robertson stated that, “Being one of the most highly-advanced technological nations in the world, customers in South Korea have very specific needs and expectations. Both the BMW Group and South Korea share a passion for high quality products and to be at the forefront of innovation. Therefore we have established this new R&D Center in Korea to better serve the demands of our customers here.”

BMW Group Opens A Satellite R&D Center In Korea

BMW Group had defined the benefits of R&D operations to be implemented in threefold: the implementation of local customer requirements and market-oriented solutions, to pick up trends in innovation through improved ties with local companies, as well as technology scouting through cooperation with local technology companies, universities and institutes.

Alongside the fifth one inaugurated in Korea, the company also operates similar satellite R&D centers in Japan, China, the US, and Brazil.

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