BMW Group Sales Recorded Best April Ever

BMW lapped a new record, sold a total of 162,093 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand vehicles during the month April 2014, recording an increase of 4.3% compared over the same month of last year (prev. yr. 155,427). The brand said it was their “best April” ever. Year-to-date BMW Group sales notched to 7.5%, ultimately a new high for the brand, with total scores rated at 649,118 cars delivered to the customers during the first four months of the year (prev. yr. 603,631).

“The BMW Group achieved record sales in April, keeping us on track to achieve our aim of delivering our best ever year with more than two million vehicles sold in 2014”, said Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and Marketing BMW. “I am particularly pleased that sales of our new BMW 2 and 4 Series cars are developing well, proving that these brand new models are appealing to our customers”, Robertson added. The BMW Group will launch a total of 16 new or revised models this year.

Specifically BMW, it enjoyed the best ever month of April with a total sale of 140,840 units (prev. yr. 130,604 / +7.8%). YTD sales for BMW surged to 11.2% to 569,100 (prev. yr. 512,010). The German automaker rolled out 5,000 2-Series since it reached the sales floor in March. BMW 4-Series, which saw the launch during October of last year, achieved sales of 25,859 in the first four months of 2014.


On the sedan side, BMW 3-Series managed to develop its growth steadily in the year-to-date column, with 153,623 sold (prev. yr. 147,807/ +3.9%). The mid-size sedan 5-Series grossed growth of 4.2% with 122,510 units (prev. yr. 117,524), whereas the 6-Series jumped to 19.4% (9,999 / prev. yr. 8,374).

BMW X models remains the strong badges of the lineup. The start of the line baby SUV X1 grew by 11.8% in the first four months of 2014, recording sales of 55,342 units (prev. yr. 49,517). The slightly bigger BMW X3 experienced a similar sort of rise with 53,098 vehicles being delivered to customers in the year (prev. yr. 48,346/ +9.8%). The new BMW X5 succeeded to generate strong responses from the first four months of 2014, rising 20.8% to 42,753 (prev. yr. 35,383).

BMW Group sales in April 2014 at a glance

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