BMW India Introduces New Secure Advance Facility to Customers, with Plans to Lease Cars also in the Pipeline

BMW India recently announced about new services for their customers. The manufacturer of premium cars, which currently leads in its segment in the Indian auto market, is offering a Secure Advanced facility over the previous insurance policy and warranty.

The new scheme is effective from April 1 onwards, as a standard facility for all cars of the luxury company. Meanwhile, customers who are not offered this service, but want to avail it, will have to pay additional fee.

The president of BMW India, Andreas Schaaf, said that the Secure Advanced facility is lasts a year following the purchase of a BMW car. It also includes specific services like roadside assist that is free for the first two years. So far, this facility was available as a paid facility. BMW customers in India, wanted this service, but did not want to pay, hence the facility is now bundled in the car.

A few benefits of this facility include tyre replacement till four years in the period of benefit. This period lasts one year from the purchase date. Within the benefit period, you can also replace equal to 4 alloys. It will also include cost of repairs caused due to hydrostatic lock, whereas roadside assistance will last for two years since the time of purchase.

They are also introducing a lease finance product for their car owners, which will allow them to a two to three year car ownership period, after which they can return it for a new BMW model. Dr. Schaaf also said that this concept is new in India. They plan to introduce it through their Financial Services, a NBFC during this year’s second half. Most of their customers want ownership that is hazard-free that is offered through this finance product.

The company will soon begin local assembly of their X3 product at their Chennai plant. This model is available in both diesel and petrol variants, and will be out sometime this year. This product will be an addition to other BMW models like their X1 SUV and their 5 and 3 Series sedans.

Dr. Schaaf also said that they will begin delivery of their 1,800 X1 booked models, this month itself, to bring down the wait period. They expect to deliver around 400 X1 units per month, adding that this car will become a big volume driver for the company throughout the year.

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