BMW India to Launch Mini and 1 Series Hatchback in India over a Two Year Period

The rapid growth of the Indian auto market has made many global auto manufacturers rethink their market strategy. According to a recent report, German premium car manufacturer BMW now plans to introduce the 1 Series hatchback and their Mini compact model in India within the next two years, as it plans to stay ahead of its competitor Audi and Mercedes Benz.

According to reports, the President of BMW India, Andreas Schaaf, was quoted as saying that the Indian luxury market is fast evolving and as they are currently the leader in the luxury segment, they are looking to introduce a huge array of cars which will suit the different preferences of their customers in India.

They are doing everything they can to stay ahead of the competition and enter into new segments which would delight their customers. It was recently reported that BMW India topped the luxury market, growing at a record breaking pace of 70% in the last fiscal year, selling above 15,000 cars. BMW was however not alone, with Audi and Mercedes close on its heels. BMW’s other contenders in the luxury segment include Jaguar and Land Rover and Porsche.

Schaaf was also quoted as saying that they will introduce as many products as they can from their global lineup in the market, depending upon the demand which includes the best in technology as well as any new concepts which are developed by their parent company. The report also included their newly launched Efficient Dynamics. This car is able to deliver a fuel efficiency of 26.5km per litre of diesel. It also emits only 99gms of carbon dioxide in the same distance.

The concept car has a 250km/hr top speed and acceleration rate of 100km/hr in just 4.8 seconds. This concept will be available by 2013. BMW, the largest manufacturer of premium cars under took a study for introducing their 1 Series hatchback and their famous Mini range in India. Both the cars are projected to be price around Rs.22 to 27 lakhs. Reports also stated that Volkswagen, the parent company of BMW, the largest car company in Europe sold above 500 units of their Rs.23 lakh Beetle, with Fiat selling above 100 Cinquecentos priced around Rs.16 lakhs.

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