BMW Releases New Pics, Details of New 1 Series

BMW recently unveiled the new images and details of their next generation BMW 1 Series, which is set to go on sale from September 17. While the BMW 116i is priced at Rs.14 lakh, the cheap diesel variant, 116d will sell for Rs.15 lakh. Following them soon will be the 116d ED car, which will be BMW’s first make that breaks the under 100g/kg carbon dioxide barrier, releasing 99g with 27kmpl to deliver 116hp.

The new car is also a rear wheel drive model like before, quite a contrast to other rivals makes in the market, such as Mercedes’ A-Class, the Volkswagen Golf, and the Ford Focus. A spokesperson for the company tweeted that this car promises great emissions and economy, but will still remain a driver’s car.

The new model is wider and longer than its previous variant, so that you look for 20mm of more legroom along with 10 per cent additional cargo space. While the new model has evolved a lot, you can still make out some shadows of its predecessor in it; like its large disproportionate headlights, almost duplicate to those of the BMW 5 Series GT model.

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