BMW reveals Crossover version of Mini

The mini version of BMW revolutionized the concept of hatchback and gave it a cut-throat lead to the company amongst all its fellow compatriots. Mini was recently revealed at the Indian Auto Expo held in January, 2012 in New Delhi. There have been many upgrades to the Mini franchise and the latest to hit the market is going to be the Crossover version of Mini which will go by the name Paceman. Last year the version was unveiled to the crowd at the Detroit Motor Show and since then there has been a lot of hype that has been circulating across the world. A set of pictures regarding the car have been revealed lately which clearly show how the designing as well as additions to the existing model have been made in order to make it a perfect crossover.

If you see the car from behind then there would be many of us who would not appreciate the look but BMW has revealed that the back of the car would be open to modification as per the interests of the buyer. If one has to do a critical analysis of the exteriors of the car then they would notice that a few more inclusions as well as exclusions have been made by the company in order to make the car ideal for off-road as well. The tires fitted to the car are of optimum durability and thus one can ensure good traction control as well. This will ensure that the car maintains a firm grip with the road and does not skid off. Paceman Crossover takes its inspiration from BMW Mini Countryman Crossover which has five doors. As a matter of fact, the engine of BMW Mini Paceman Crossover would be the same as that of BMW Mini Countryman Crossover.

BMW reveals Crossover version of Mini

Coming to the rear portion of the car, BMW Paceman Crossover will have bulging tail-lights along with a much sportier roofline. Adding to this, there would be rear fenders which would be quite muscular thus giving a manly appeal.

Kay Segler who happens to be the Senior Vice President of MINI Brand Management declared the name of the car and adding to that, he further revealed that the release date of the car would fall somewhere in 2013. Exact date and the month have not been revealed yet. BMW has high expectations from Paceman Crossover as the car is something that will lock horns with other crossovers in its league and that too in style. Segler had also given a statement saying that Mini Paceman Crossover was the first mean crossover of its segment of cars and thus the expectations attached to the car are naturally high. There are a lot of us who have been waiting for the Crossover to hit the roads as BMW is now sitting on the throne sidelining Mercedes Benz which was always its archenemy. 2013 would see more Crossovers hitting the roads but BMW Paceman Crossover would surely be leading the pack of wolves.

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