BMW Showcases New Vision Efficient Dynamics Hybrid Concept in New Delhi

BMW recently unveiled their concept Vision Efficient Dynamics concept car in New Delhi. Minister for Public Enterprises and Heavy Industries, Praful Patel and the German Ambassador for India, Thomas Matussek were present during the event. The concept vehicle which was unveiled is a four seater road ready model which combines performance as well as the character of BMW’s M Car with impressive emission and fuel economy management.

The concept with a 26.5kmpl fuel efficiency and an impressive 99gms/km Carbon Dioxide rating, is superior to most of the traditional hybrid models. This concept vehicle has a 250kmph of top speed with an acceleration rate of 0-100kmph in 4.8 seconds. This concept is powered by BMW’s Active Hybrid technology coupled with its advanced drive systems.

The minister for public enterprises and heavy industries, Praful Patel, said that the Indian auto industry is one of the fastest growing industries, and is set at growing at a remarkable phase. As the industry grows further it is bound to face challenges regarding the need to reduce energy consumption so as to protect the environment.

This concept vehicle from BMW is road ready model showcased by BMW designers and engineers which illustrates successful development strategy and research and holds tremendous potential for sustainable growth.

BMWs Vision Efficient Dynamics was presented for the first time in India. The concept model will be exhibited in New Delhi at the BMW studio in Connaught Place till May 24, 2011.

The German Ambassador to India, Thomas Matussek said that the automotive industry in Germnay has been consistently upgrading technology to provide a better future by fuel saving motors, eco production facilities as well as advanced recycling facilities. The industry is also proud that they have BMW, which is one of the most eco-friendly car companies, having pioneered carbon dioxide emission reductions and production new fuel efficiency standards in motors.

The German Ambassador further added that they are happy that BMW is already bringing advanced technologies to the fore which will help define how next generation cars are built.

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