BMW To Launch Entry Level Variant Of BMW 5 Series 520i in India

The BMW F10 5 Series is one of the main reasons that BMW has managed to become the top luxury car brand in India. The German car maker has finally dethroned Mercedes from the top spot and has also managed to fight back competition from Audi. However, BMW is aware of the raging competition and is taking initiatives to hold the top spot. The German car brand is introducing the new entry-level variant of the BMW 5 Series 520i.

This car will come with a 2L petrol engine in an inline four pot layout, churning out a peak power output of 185 BHP and torque of 270 Nm. Interestingly, the torque yield of the small engine is equal to that of the larger 3L, six cylinder engine. So the engine performance of both the low end and mid range variants may be same. However, the bigger engine gives higher power yield with a peak output of 204BHP. The smaller engine will probably absorb the 8-speed automatic transmission, which is not only frugal, but also highly responsive. In fact, the new 2L petrol engine may also appear on the soon-to-be-released F30 Series Sedan, which will be launched in India in a few months.

BMW To Launch Entry Level Variant Of BMW 5 Series 520i in India

The German automobile major currently assembles most models of the BMW F10 5 Series and the F30 3 Series sedans through the Completely Knocked Down (CKD) route, including the engines and gearboxes, in India. The new 2L petrol engine will power both product-lines which is justifiable since not only the brand, but also the consumer will have an option of an entry level 5 Series sedan.

There is no word yet about the prices of the 2L petrol powered BMW 520i F10 5 Series variant. Rumors say that certain BMW dealers have already started accepting advance bookings for the new F10 5 Series variant. The car is likely to be soft launched in India soon. BMW India will offer a total of 5 engine options with the 520i variant- 2 petrol and 3 diesel engines. Among these, the 520d, 525d and the 520i will be assembled in India and the top end petrol variant 535i and the top end diesel variant 535d will be imported from the CBU route.

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