BMW to Launch New Concept Electric Cars i8 and i3 in Two Years

As the demand for electric cars continues to be on the rise, the car makers spew out electric cars to keep with this demand, such as the Nissan Leaf and the Chevrolet Volt that have made headlines because of their modern technology. Another manufacturer joining the electric car bandwagon is BMW, which is reported to be quite ecstatic about their new electric cars program that was launched with the unveiling of their i8 and i3 concept vehicles in Frankfurt.

The company’s board of management chairman, Dr. Norbert Reithofer, was quoted as saying that they will first launch these cars in Germany. They also plan to launch the cars in their worldwide markets including India in the future. According to the clear air rules set by the European Union, car manufacturers will need to fulfill particular targets of carbon emissions. These will require utilising battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Even in the US, the situation is more or less the same.

There will also be regions in which the BMW i3 will be a zero emission car, and this would be great for them. This will be how they plan on distributing the car around the world, added Dr. Reithofer.

These electric cars will be launched in Leipzig in Germany, involving an investment of 400mn Euros in the initial phase. BMW is also exploring opening a station for wind power in their facility. The electric cars will be a part of their latest retail drive from the time they have targeted specific customers. Their i3 concept that is able to seat around four people will be ideal for use in cities. The car is capable of a max speed of 100kmph in just eight seconds.

Meanwhile, the i8 concept represents the company’s dynamic driving, and according to the company is the new generation’s sports car. The company will initially concentrate on the major cities, while the i-family of cars will eventually grow as it is distributed globally.

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