BMW unveils Gran Lusso Coupe

As per latest reports, BMW has unveiled its much awaited Gran Lusso Coupe. The report added that this glossy new BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso vehicle idea could offer a stylistic insight for the comeback of the BMW 8-series.

Uncovered at the renowned Ville d’Este concours in Italy during the last week, the Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé is a modern 4 seater made by teamwork between the company’s internal design group and well-known Italian design house Pininfarina.

Based on the modified version of rear-wheel-drive underpins, the BMW 7th series is powered by 537 bhp turbo on 6.0 liter V12 petrol engine used in the BMW 760i. This is the first collaborated production.

In the recent years, BMW’s collaboration with Zagato created many concepts including the BMW 24-based Zagato coupe of last year.

BMW unveil Gran Lusso coupe concept
However, the Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe with its unique body points to the BMW designs improvement.

The Gran Lusso retains many of the BMW features like the heavily raked screens, shallow glass house, long bonnet and a cabin positioned way back in the comparatively long wheelbase and short boot lid.

Though described as a one-off kind, BMW still affirms it will go in to production only after changes cause the aggressive shark-nose look.

BMW already has shown on previous models even though for Pininfarina its new.

BMW unveil Gran Lusso coupe concept intores
The interior sleekness is retained as per BMW requirements with mated BMW rational features including the center console angel for the driver. Four adults can easily be seated on the individual seats.

The black and tobacco leather upholstery is from the Italian company Foglizzo. The trims are worked from a single piece of rare kauri wood that is native to New Zealand and black chrome on the dashboard.

“We wish to forward the message the upcoming time is not all about electric vehicles, however also conventional models with genuine arousing appeal,” said the well known company in a declaration that emphasized its promise to top performance and/or smart vehicles.

BMW unveil Gran Lusso Back View

“Whether that consists of an 8-Series is not decided up till now. However, the Pininfarina Gran Lusso car provides a signal of how such a vehicle might appear.”

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