BMW X2 Will See Launch In 2017

It seems, these days BMW is lighting new ideas to raise their heads against the competition. The X2 that was once speculated is now reported by a source received green signal for the production. The availability is only of the three-door version, which makes it feasible only for the international markets. The sporty crossover of BMW will also adopt a five-door layout further, which may come to market based on the front wheel layout as standard due its UKL platform. But some engines can offer it AWD off the xDrive.

However, the auto specialists speculated, its design will not resemble of a new BMW car. Rather it will take cues from the X4; in fact, most of them said X2 to become a downsized version of X4 and X6 both. The initial public preview will take up the stage at Geneva Motor Show next year during March. Meanwhile the dealerships will get hit in 2017 across the international markets.

BMW X2 Will See Launch In 2017

Models will use the 3- and 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol as well as diesel engines, the same which are used in 2-Series Active Tourer and Gran Tourer minivan. The M performance is also slotted, said the source, which is expected to drop the cover by 2018 with no lesser than 300bhp at the tap.

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