BMW X4 Concept Officially Revealed Ahead of Shanghai Motor Show

BMW had recently grabbed the title of leading luxury carmaker in India, whereas it falls in Asia only, and so to make its presence more lucrative in this continent there were some lined up for Shanghai Motor Show, which we had discovered in the revealed images and to be true, we also liked the new Bavarian offering, positioned very seriously against Audi Q series.

Lest us to be clear, the answer is BMW X4, a crossover, with mild combination of elder sibling BMW X5 and younger bro X3.

Taking a overall look, it surfaced, X4 enjoys a bit distinct ruling than the entire range as possessed with remarkably larger air damp on the front with some chrome stances and black trim on it. The traditional kidney grilles, need not to be mentioned, remains an un-skipped custom even on this Bimmer, while a large sculpted hood completes it all. LED headlights made to run in day time as well, so the glamour quotient of coupe like structure could be visible in a first galore, which we can say is derived from the metal screech at rear, dwelling both door handles underneath and giving swift-y looks on board.

BMW X4 Concept
Reclining roof line at rear clearly drags resemblance to the elder metal, whilst of LED taillights, fresh rear bumpers, dual exhausts, integrated underbody protection and other plastic cladding on sidelines makes X4 a complete new package.

BMW had not yet revealed the tech specifications but we expect 2.0 liter TwinPower Turbo with four cylinder producing 240 bhp and 352 Nm of torque, and another option of 3.0 liter TwinPower Turbo inline six with 300 bhp and 406 Nm or torque to remain in future plans for only some of the selected markets.

New BMW X4 Concept

In actual these images are of the conceptual model and we hope all design to remain same for production spec too, not many changes on them, as are slated to land by early 2014.

We can say, Audi just be ready with your Qs! masters are here to conquer with frugal sorts of strides, as already those other Bavarians are heating the competition to core.

BMW X4 Concept Back View

Lastly, Long Beach Blue paint job is the most soothing component to our eyes; what is it cooling underneath is not yet known, meanwhile do you have any of the guesses!

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