BMW X4 M Sport Package Showcased At Abu Dhabi Dealer

BMW Motors of Abu Dhabi Motors is almost sprucing up various new models to keep the momentum going. One more to roll off from their clutter is the new 2015 X4 with “optional M Sport Package”.

Cosmetically, the X4 is done with the M Sport Package that has a Kelleners quad exhaust pipe arrangement. Further on, the M-branded bumpers, side sills, rear diffuser and large 21-inch alloys wheels can also be seen perched onto it.

This particular white X4, on interiors, is equipped with brown Merino leather upholstery combined with a shiny wood trim on the door panels, an aluminum footrest and a glossy dashboard.

BMW X4 M Sport Package

Hence, the pricing is not yet released, we believe the oil rich Sheikhs are the ones to enjoy the automotive to the fullest!

BMW X4 M Sport Package interiors

BMW X4 M Sport Back View

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