BMW X5 revised

BMW India have given their premium SUV, the BMW X5 a Botox treatment. The changes to the exterior are miniscule however apparently there is a lot more under the skin of the new BMW X5. The front bumpers have been given a touch up. There are new air intakes as well and the head lamps have LEDs in place of the earlier Corona rings. Apparently all this makes the SUV go out of the odd ball mode and be back as an SUV for the family.

The interiors have been tweaked a bit as well. They now have many features as standard equipment like dual zone climate control, 12 speaker 6 CD changer system, front powered leather seats, Idrive system as well as electronic nannies like ESP, ABS, lane veneer warning as opposed to the old model. Majority of the changes have gone under the hood and the BMW X5 petrol gets the more powerful 4.4 liter twin turbo engine punching in 408 Bhp and a huge 440 Nm of torque. The 3.0 liter diesel now gets some revisions to make it develop an extra 10 Bhp and about 20 Nm of more torque. This might sound like very minor changes to the 2150 kg diesel powered BMW X5 however the it crosses the 0-100 kmph in a quick 7.6 seconds. Its top speed is 210 kph.

Both the variants now get a 8 speed automatic transmission which is even slicker than the earlier 6 speed unit. This one maximizes the BMW X5’s cruising capabilities and makes it a serious mile muncher. The ride and handling of the BMW X5 remains the same as the old model and this isn’t a bad thing.

The best part is left for the last and that is that the BMW X5’s base petrol as well as the base diesel are now cheaper by about Rs.3 lakhs than the outgoing model. This makes it a fantastic value for money for those looking for a no nonsense SUV with good handling and luxury at its best.

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