BMW Z4 to be launched in 2015

So here is news for all BMW fans as the automobile megalomaniac pundits will be dazing out Z4 on the Indian roads by 2015. Presently there is one Z4 in the market but the Z4 which we are talking about is the new one which promises to have a more ubercool dynamism adding with a lot of chauvinistic appeal. BMW has been the market leaders in the field of automobile industry and now the company is growing at a large scale in the Indian market after overthrowing Mercedes Benz off the throne.

The drive-train of the new next-generation BMW Z4 is much better than that of its antecedent model and this one promises to be much more athletic. This means that the sports car will be fitted with a dynamic engine which will give it an incredible acceleration that will make it dash like a bat straight out of hell. BMW has not made much change to the design of the new Z4 and they are saying that most of the changes have been done under the hood. So, the next-generation BMW Z4 will come with a lot of firepower under its hood. Those who are inclined towards hard performance and a firm grip would love sitting behind the wheel of this masterpiece. It is not quite true that there have not been changes made in the design of the new Z4. It will be featuring a shorter bonnet where the present model of the car has a long bonnet attached to it. Having a shorter bonnet this time has been a strategic move from the makers. Thus, the new Z4 will be attaining more speed as long bonnet gives relatively more air resistance to the car than a short one.

BMW Z4 to be launched in 2015
BMW is still figuring out whether to upgrade to an M version after Z4 or not. That plan as of now has been put to hold. The reason behind this is that apparently BMW is under the impression that if they release the M version of the car, then the business case of the car will not be interesting and profitable. The new Z4 will have a better handling capacity than the predecessor model and will boast of 4-cylinder N20 engines that will give the car extra power to dash out. The power unit of the car has been made to be pretty light so that adequate weight distribution can be facilitated.

BMW apparently has a policy of its own which says that the designing of its cars should be done in such a way so that they stay in acknowledging eyes for a span of 15 years.Even now, the models of BMW that came into the market 10 years ago are still under the eyes of the BMW enthusiasts. As per this policy, the first model to hit the market was the BMW 5-series and then came the 6-series. 3-series will make an entry into the market few months from now.

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