Brabus discloses the latest and improved performance SUV

Mercedes is back again with its high performance SUV ‘Mercedes Tuner Brabus’. The Brabus model B63-620 Wide star is actually based on Mercedes model of Benz GL63 AMG, however seen as power boosted and the bodywork of this new model is also extended up to 80mm in order to design a broader stance.

Additionally, the Mercedes GL63 AMG is equipped with 5.5 liters bi-turbo V8 which has been enhanced from 550 bhp to 611 bhp employing Brabus’s Power Extra plug as well as remapping software. In this revised turbo as well as ignition, the mapping allows this model to accelerate up to 100 kmh in approx.4.7 seconds to 0.2 seconds less than the standard on the top speed which is 280 kmh.

Its exhaust system also features the butterfly valves in order to amplify engine volume during the move. It is basically ‘Coming Home’ style which actually dampens the sounds.

Brabus Widestar
Now talking about the extensions as a part of the body, the kit which includes innovative bumpers as well as roof spoilers are also one of the attractive features of this new model. It will also allow Brabus GL model to be fit with the 23 inched forged wheels along with 305/30 tyres.

The Brabus is also well equipped with body modifications in order to reduce the lift on front axle while aiding, travelling, cornering at the speed as well as providing the additional brake cooling. Moreover, interior modifications are limited however Brabus is equipped with aluminum paddles, alloy pedals along with 320 km/h speedometer.

Brabus Widestar Interior

As per reports, “Wheelarch extensions – part of a bodykit, which consists of innovative bumpers and a cover spoiler – permit the vehicle to be equipped with 23-inch forged alloy wheels along with 305/30 tyres.”

Brabus stated that the body alterations diminish pick up on the front axle when moving, assisting cornering at rapidity and offer additional brake cooling.

Brabus Widestar Back View

Interior modifications comprise leather and Alcantara hand-made seats. For thorough pictures of the B63, the buffs can see the pics of the vehicle.

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