Brand New Tesla Model S Crashes Before Leaving Dealership

The car like Tesla may not be liked by a whole lot of people out there, but it doesn’t means one has to buy it and then crash it just after rolling it out from the dealers’ yard. An incident happened at Tesla manufacturing facility in Fremont, CA. claimed the Tesla Model S was destroyed by its owner while he was rolling it off the yard.

It seems the car driver was of the other lot who loves to drive a car like Tesla, so instead of applying the brake he may have dabbed the accelerator and had rammed into the signage board of the company.

Brand New Tesla Model S Crashes Before Leaving Dealership

Though, the company may have also faced the heavy loss for that signage, but the official must be excited because as they would have made extra bucks if the owner after the accident would probably have dropped the car in the servicing bay for getting it back to original.

Thankfully, the car crashed on the either side of the showroom, instead of breaking through the sales floor. Otherwise, along with the depreciating value of the car rolled off the bay, would have also diminished the dealer capability of giving its customers a good service, at least on the count of not giving the chauffeur for those who still hadn’t got their driving license.

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