BSNL Launched Wi-FI Network Module for Cars

BSNL Indore has launched a unique Wi-Fi network module for cars which will allow people to be online while they are on the move. The module works on CDMA technology. But this system is available in Indore only for the time being. Once it gains popularity in the city, the company will launch it elsewhere.

An antenna was fixed atop the car of the BSNL Indore General manager P C Pandey’s car. The antenna will receive Wi-Fi at a speed exceeding 3.5mbps from a CDMA based exchange. Along with the installation charges, the entire set up will cost about Rs.5000 to 6000. And once this system becomes successful in Indore, BSNL will have a countrywide launch of the system.

BSNL Launched Wi-FI Network Module for Cars

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