Bugatti Veyron Service Is Now More Exclusive

Cars like Bugatti Veyron are special and needed more than extraordinary attention when serviced. It isn’t like that, the Bugatti wasn’t having a whole new dimension to the service of Veyrons earlier, but looking at the dropping sales number of the car, its officials have came out with the new service measures to keep its owners peppy for owning them. However, changes made includes an authentic seal, which will be tagged on the car to ensure it is been serviced by the authorized officials. And even further, the new installation and updatation to the service standards are also taken care of so that the car shall remains in good technical condition for a longer time. Now, the used Bugatti owners are also said to be a part of the team, which earlier they were deprived of, can enjoy the visits to factory and all else. More focus is said to be laid on Veyron 16.4 and the Veyron 16.4 Super Sport.

“When customers choose a Veyron, they are choosing a unique product, one that stands not only for technical innovation and unprecedented performance, but also for a great automotive tradition,” said Dr Stefan Brungs, member of the board of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. responsible for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. “A Bugatti is purchased as a collector’s item. To honour the trust placed in us and to ensure the lasting value of this automotive icon is our highest priority.”

Bugatti Veyron Service Is Now More Exclusive

So now, the car for riches are also heaving a lot of strategies, and even the world’s fastest car Bugatti Veyron is not been included in the exceptional list!

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