Bugatti’s fastest car, Super Veyron, gets a price tag of 5 million GBP

Bugatti already has two world records to its name due to the master innovation of Veyron- its grand sports car. Now Bugatti is planning to achieve another feat with its latest invention. This new super performance car is given the title of “Super Veyron”. This car is set to hit the market in the next year but is already being coveted by the masses. It is designed to break Bugatti’s own records with its speed and performance. This car has been reported to come with a price tag of a whooping 5 million GBP.

Automobile Ettore Bugatti, popularly termed as Bugatti, was a French company when it was found in the year 1909. The original company produced only 8000 cars. Presently, Bugatti is one of the tags owned by Volkswagen group. Bugatti is one of the leaders in the world in the field of high end cars with breathtaking speeds.

The original Bugatti Veyron made its way into the market in the year 2005. This was soon followed by the legendary, Veyron Super Sport which became record breaker for Bugatti. .Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, current title holder, has an achievable speed of 431 km /hour giving it the title of “fastest car in production”. After several versions, the Grand Sport Vitesse was also a speed-o-meter success. It could brag about a speed of 408 km / hour and a transition to 100 km in just 2.5 secs Now with Bugatti Super Veyron, an effort is being made to achieve a speed of 450km / hour.

Bugatti Super Veyron

Bugatti Super Veyron was highlighted as the next project in the year 2011. It is to be build on the lines of Veyron Super Sport but with vital modifications. The weight of the car will a 250 kg less due to the use of extensive carbon fiber and increased aerodynamics. The primary 8 litre engine will be replaced with 9.6 litre engine. The upgraded W 16 engine will be capable of producing a power of 1600 bhp. The transition from 0km/min to 100 km/min will be in a span of 1.8 secs only, indeed making it the fastest car. With all these features, the car can very well reach the target of 450 km/hour.

For an outstanding car, there is an outstanding price. Bugatti Super Veyron is rumoured to cost as much as a 5 million GBP. Although, we hope that the tyre limitation do not create any hurdle in reaching its targeted speed.

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