Bulletproof Mahindra Scorpio Available in India for Rs 12.66 lakh

Mahindra Scorpio is the most rugged SUV of its class; but out there on SnapDeal.com, an aftermarket organization doesn’t feels so. A firm has advertised to make the Scorpio “bulletproof” using a kit, which will be available for Rs 12.66 lakh only, where Rs 75,000 has to be paid online to confirm the order, and the rest has to be paid after the job done. Let us inform that, this bulletproof kit for Scorpio will be made to order, so we guess, there will be no stepping back once order is placed. The kit includes all-sides bullet proof panels, complete set of bullet proof glasses, anti explosion material kit for fuel tank and vehicle tracking device as a part of the package.

Though, the kit comes with a 2 year warranty, with all applicable taxes included. The organization is also providing the free pickup and door delivery, with the fitment to be done at company’s workshop. To be specific, the Mahindra SUV will then be enabled to withstand the attack from a 9mm pistol, and for more details one can look in the images on this blog.

Bulletproof Mahindra Scorpio Available in India

We are drooling, what the Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood Aamir Khan has to say about this – who just bought the Mercedes-Bens S500 with bulletproof kit for Rs 10 crore. Any guesses?

Bulletproof Mahindra Scorpio Available in India for Rs 12.66 lakh

Bulletproof Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Bullet Proof Kit Executive

Image Courtesy – Snapdeal.com

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